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ERC Grant for Esther Kuehn


For her research on body memory, the neuroscientist Esther Kuehn from the Medical Faculty of Magdeburg has been awarded the “ERC Starting Grant”, which is endowed with 1.5 million euros over 5 years.

Body memory is the sum of all past bodily experiences that are stored in memory and influence behavior. Body memories influence our daily life, for example when we remember injuries, accidents, or moments of bodily comfort, and they affect mental health, for example when they cause somatic symptoms, depression, or anxiety. Scientific knowledge on the neuroanatomical pathways and neuronal mechanisms that underlie human body memory is scarce. In this research project, I will combine my own knowledge and experience in ultra-high field imaging, topographic mapping, psychophysics, and embodiment with recent innovations in episodic memory research and virtual reality to understand the neuronal mechanisms that underlie human body memory and how we can use this knowledge to treat psychosomatic symptoms triggered by maladaptive body memories. The research projects will use state-of-the-art scientific tools and methods to gain basic and applied insights into a novel and far reaching research field with the final goal to develop novel technological interventions that changestored body memories.

Press release of the ERC.

Press release of the Medical Faculty.

Information about Esthers Lab.

LECTURE SERIES mit Magdalena Sauvage

Am Dienstag, den 12. Januar 2021 findet um 16.00 Uhr, ein Zoom-Vortrag mit Professor Dr. Magdalena Sauvage statt.

Forschungsjournal GUERICKE`20 erschienen

Das CBBS hat schon einen Blick in das neue Forschungsjournal GUERICKE`20 geworfen.

Erfolgreiche Bewilligung des SFBs „Neuronale Ressourcen der Kognition“

Das CBBS gratuliert den CBBS-Mitgliedern Emrah Düzel und Michael Kreutz zum neuen SFB

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