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6th MR Methods Meeting


January 14th 2016, 03:30 pm, DZNE, house 64, room 121

Speaker: Pierre-Louis Bazin (MPI Leipzig, invited by Thomas Wolbers)

Title: High resolution MR imaging of the human brain at 7 Tesla: promises for neuroscience, challenges for image computing



With the increasing field strength of 7 Tesla scanners spreading throughout the world, we can probe the anatomy, function, connectivity and physiology of the human brain at a mesoscopic scale with advanced and quantitative MR contrasts. Areas and layers of the cerebral cortex, fine details of the cerebellum, subcortex or vasculature can be revealed, and their activity measured. In turn, this incredible amount of detail at the individual scale translates into processing challenges, not only to build new methods and process new data, but more importantly to reach a new level of accuracy to match this new scale of neuroscientific enquiry. This talk will present some of the key challenges of high field image processing and the solutions we have investigated and integrated in the CBS high-res brain processing tools (or “CBS Tools” in short), a software package we developed to meet the specific needs of 7 Tesla and beyond.