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STIMULATE Kolloquium


Low temperature superconducting magnet for neonatal MRI

30. März 2023, 15:30 Uhr 
Conference room G82-R120 STIMULATE Research campus, Otto-Hahn-Str. 2, 39106 Magdeburg &, Meeting-ID: 646 5787 9481, Kenncode: 558827
Andreas Voß (Neoscan Solutions Gmbh)
Conduction cooling of superconducting MRI magnets drastically simplifies the siting for an MRI scanner in the hospital. With the absence of liquid helium no special ventilation for a quench event and extra cost for helium refilling is required. In the past years Neoscan has successfully developed a conductively cooled 1.5 T magnet using high temperature superconductor (HTS) operating at temperatures below five Kelvin. Achieving such low temperature enables the usage of low temperature superconductor (LTS) since there are several advantages of LTS over HTS. This talk will discuss the differences between LTS and HTS wire in respect to neonatal MRI magnet design and fabrication based on an example of an LTS coil.


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