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LSA Fellows


In order to allow post-docs the freedom of independent research, CBBS tenders research grants (LSA-Fellows) with a dedicated budget.

The research grants serve the purpose of tying researchers to our location to promote excellence in research in Magdeburg. Also, this creates innovative projects without tight restrictions on research aims and methods, which helps these “Starter Projects” develop new methods or investigate new areas of research by themselves or through co-operations, possibly finding the next break-through in their field. This also gives scientists the possibility to assess innovative questions that do not necessarily match their previous research, creating new degrees of freedom in creativeness.

This instrument also aims to create independent researchers well-equipped with the knowledge and experience of acquiring third-party funding during their grants.

After careful review of the multitude of project proposal submissions we have chosen to support the following with funding:


cCBBS Wang mini

„LSA Fellow 4“

Project title: Perceptual learning in retina implant users

Projectleader: Dr. Lihui Wang




cCBBS Ball nmini

„LSA Fellow 5“

Project title: Developing cutting-edge MRI artefact removal for simultaneous EEG-fMRI data recording by using spatially-selective carbon-wire loops

Projectleader: Dr. Felix Ball



CBBS Wolbers Kuehn 18 mini

„Die eigene Stelle 6“

Project title: Layer-dependent Plasticity of Human Topographic Maps

Projectleader: Dr. Esther Kühn





Funding since 2008 - 2015




Volker Korz

„LSA Fellow 1“

Project title: Analysis of modulation in induction and sustainment of long-term potentiation and –depression through learning experiences and memory forming

Projectleader: PD Dr. Volker Korz


Thomas Koch

„LSA Fellow 2“

Project title: Functional selectivity of opioids at the µ-opioidreceptor: examining the role of phospholipase D2

Projectleader: Prof. Dr. Thomas Koch



Marija Rankovic

„LSA Fellow 3“

Project title: Mechanisms of presynaptic plasticity: alternative processing of Bassoon and interaction with c-terminal binding proteins (CtBPs)

Projectleader: Dr. Marija Rankovic


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