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Combinatorial NeuroImaging
Core Facility

Combinatorial NeuroImaging Core FacilityThe DFG approved the establishment and funding of the “Combinatorial Neuroimaging (CNI)” Core Facility at the Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology Magdeburg in 2012. The CNI Core Facility, which was instated under the direction of Dr. André Brechmann, Prof. Henning Scheich and Dr. Werner Zuschratter provides a platform for state-of-the-art techniques for macro-, meso-, and microscopic imaging. The scientific focus is in integrative combination of these techniques from the molecular to the systemic level in order to contribute to a comprehensive understanding of learning and memory processes.

The CNI Core Facility carries on the tradition of the BMBF-funded Center for Advanced Imaging, and has an internationally outstanding spectrum of imaging technology not only for applications in human trials (3 and 7 Tesla human MRI, MEG), but also for small animal imaging (4.7 Tesla MRI, SPECT / CT) and in particular for cellular imaging techniques (STED 2-channel, 2-photon confocal microscopy, FRET-FLIM microscopy, electron microscopy).

During the funding period, the management of the existing research infrastructure is to be professionalized to provide a coherent cross-section technology for integrative approaches to learning and memory research for external users. This includes the establishment of an effective organizational structure, a consistent model for access and the well-founded technical and scientific user support, training concepts for the safe and sound use of imaging techniques, knowledge transfer through workshops and conferences and a sound financing plan.

The overall goal of the center is to establish an efficient research infrastructure and dialogue platform that promoted cross-system approaches to learning and memory research and is also available for external users.

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Inventur in der Synapse

18.06.2019 - Forscher des LIN, der OVGU und des CBBS füllen die neu geschaffene Datenbank SynGO mit Informationen zu Proteinen in Synapsen weiterlesen...

Hörkortex verarbeitet nicht nur Töne

13.06.2019 - Forscher des LIN und des CBBS haben in einer Studie mit Langschwanzmakaken gezeigt, dass eine Assoziation zwischen akustischem Reiz und gelernter Reaktion im Hörkortex repräsentiert ist weiterlesen...

MCB BrainPlast International Conference Linking Molecules, Cells and Behavior II

09. - 11.09.2019 weiterlesen... 

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