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LGS-LogoThe Leibniz Graduate School (LGS) SynaptoGenetics focuses on the genetics of synaptic functions and dysfunctions. 

 The human brain is the most complex organ where about one hundred billion neurons and a similar number of glial cells form trillions of specialized cellular connections, the synapses. Synapses are dynamic structures, enabling the brain to establish various modes of performance, from simple regulatory activity to learning, memory and cognition. Recent developments in genetics and molecular biology allowed pivotal contributions to understanding synaptic function and dysfunctions (so-called synaptopathies), for instance by analyzing synaptic networks or by using distinct models for neuropathological diseases. Especially, sophisticated cell-specific genetic approaches in both the fruit fly Drosophila and the mouse enable the in-depth analysis of synaptic functions. In addition, modern human genetics in combination with next-generation sequencing techniques has revealed many potential disease-related genes. With this versatile toolbox the LGS on SynaptoGenetics aims at deciphering complex mechanisms of synaptic function and dysfunction.

The LGS on SynaptoGenetics pursues joint-effort research on synaptic function and pathological dysfunction bringing together expertise from human, mouse and Drosophila genetics and cutting-edge molecular biology techniques.

The LGS SynaptoGenetics is an initiative of the Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology (LIN) and the Medical Faculty and the Faculty for Natural Sciences of the Otto von Guericke University (OvGU) offering eight full-time PhD positions to highly motivated students of the life sciences. Moreover, several Master stipends are available. Currently, all PhD positions are filled. Graduate students performing research in the field of synaptogenetics can be associated with the LGS on request. 

The school is integrated in the graduate programs of the LIN and the OvGU. For more information about Leibniz Graduate School see:

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