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Graduate School „Neurophysiology
of behavioral control“

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During the second funding period of the Collaborative Research Center 779 ‘Neurophysiology of motivated Behavior’, a new graduate school was opened in Magdeburg at the beginning of 2012.

Understanding the operational principles of the brain is one of the fundamental goals of the graduate school. Such an objective cannot be achieved without taking into account the roots of behavior at the levels of molecular and cellular biology as well as systems physiology. Additionally, an understanding of the brain's function would be incomplete if the psychological entanglement of behavior is disregarded. Hence, the graduate school of Neurophysiology of Behavioral Control uses complementary advantages of animal and human behavioral physiology research, and provides a broad spectrum of neuroscience methods and knowledge to PhD students with a background in psychology, medicine, physics or neuroscience. More…

Complementary to the laboratory work which provides the foundation for PhD research; students attend various courses specific to the graduate school. In addition to colloquia and seminars, an interdisciplinary monthly lecture (‘soft skills’), and advanced training courses from different fields (physiology, statistics, genetics, theory of self, etc.) are offered.

Additionally, in preparation to commencing PhD research, a further core feature of the graduate school is a two year qualification grant for international applicants (to guarantee quick access to the PhD track), and an intensive supervision concept (at least twofold supervision by a thesis committee) within the framework of a PhD agreement. Scientific and organizational independence will be promoted by the integration of graduate school members into organizational activities.

The graduate school ‘Neurophysiology of Behavioral Control’ is managed by Prof. Dr. Frank W. Ohl and Prof. Dr. Bertram Gerber.

For more information about graduate school ‘Neurophysiology of Behavioral Control’ see

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