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DFG Graduate Program 1167
„Cell-Cell-Communication in
Neural and Immune Systems”


GRK1167 Logo2010 2Communication between cells is an essential biological function in multi-cellular organisms. Various basic mechanisms of cell-cell communication have evolved during phylogenesis, which were subject to organ-, tissue and cell type-specific adaptation. It is the aim of the here designed graduate program to study and compare molecular mechanisms of cellular communication and signal transduction in the immune and the nervous systems, and to qualify students of the program for top-level research by interdisciplinary education in both biological fields. The program is based on the scientific potential of the two major biomedical research groupings established in Magdeburg, i.e. “Immunology” and “Neurosciences”, which both are highly recognized at the international level. The program includes scientists from the Faculties of Medicine and Natural Sciences of the Otto von Guericke University as well as from the Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology.  In total, 14 projects were defined, which address questions about molecular mechanisms of communication between cells of the immune system, immune response mechanisms in epithelial cells, chemical synapses as key structures for communication between nerve cells, and further molecular mechanisms of communication between neural cells.

The curriculum, which shall complement the research program and link the projects, aims at putting the graduate students into the position to perform independent high-quality scientific research in the fields of neuroscience and immunology. The teaching program includes well-established elements of the expiring graduate program ‘Biological basis of disease of the nervous system’ as well as novel teaching modules. The technology and the methods required for the different projects are related and thus constitute additional synergistic elements in education and research. Furthermore, key technologies including proteomics and bioinformatics will be made available to all projects. Altogether, the here designed graduate program shall serve as a focal point and integrating element for future cooperation of the two involved research groupings and shall back up and stimulate internationally recognized immunological, neurobiological and neuro-immunological research in Magdeburg.


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