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„The Auditory Cortex“


The “International Conference on Auditory Cortex” was initiated by the Leibniz-Institute for Neurobiology in 2003. Every other meeting was organized at different international locations (Nottingham 2006; Magdeburg 2009; Lausanne 2012; Magdeburg 2014). The conference series enables auditory scientists to exchange ideas, methods and concepts on higher-level auditory functions. The conference aims at promoting national and international auditory research which compared to other disciplines in brain research does not play a leading role, despite its high relevance, from widespread auditory dysfunctions to deafness and related communicative, social, and societal problems. To gain a better understanding of the structure and function of the auditory cortex, the organizers consider a synthesis of human and animal research is mandatory. Although non-invasive studies on humans and invasive approaches on animals converge, there is still a considerable lack of understanding how to transfer knowledge from one field to the other. The conference mission is to further close this gap. The organizers also expect a significant impact on local auditory research, e.g. within the collaborative research center SFB/TRR 31 “The Active Auditory System”.

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